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Sales appointments setting services for your business

Let us get meetings for you and your sales reps! No more cold calling required!

Let's face it, finding good quality reps is hard. The hardest part of sales is not the actual selling part but rather finding the right people to sell to. That's where we come in. Let us setup qualified meetings for you and your sales team each and every day and get your reps firing at full capacity.
Appointment Setting Pros and Cons

We are unfortunately not the right for for every business. Please view our pros and cons list below:

Appointment Setting Pros:

    • Enables reps to be used to their full potential and to get the most bang for you buck from your reps, rather than paying for them to cold call.
    • We are experts at what we do and therefore you should receive results which reflect this.
    • No contracts
    • Choose a package which suits your size and needs.
    •  Predictable pipeline for your sales team

Appointment Setting Cons:

  • Requires sales people that are able to close deals.
  • Not ideal for small companies without sales teams.
  • Not free to try
  • Not worthwhile if can't handle more than 1 meeting per day.

Our Method:

We believe that if you are not getting a positive ROI (i.e. if you are not making more money than you are spending on our services) then either we are doing something wrong or we are just a bad fit for your company. There are some industries where our services are not a great match for but we will tell you this upfront.

  • B2B and B2C capabilities
  • Packages from R10k per month
  • Ongoing support to help your sales team close deals

Appointment Setting Costs:

There are essentially two ways Appointment Setting Companies price their service. Either on hours spent or on appointments booked. We are strong believers in paying for actual results which is why we only charge on performance. We have a number of packages to choose from to suit your company's size and capability.

Measuring the effectiveness or ROI of our services is a relatively simple task. If you've made significantly more money from the sales which were a direct result of our appointments than the cost of our services then it's a good idea to continue. If on the other hand your reps dont successfully manage to close the meetings which we send them to then we probably will not be a great long term fit.

We have three packages to choose from:

Baby Business Package
R10,000 p/m
Minimum of 10 appointments generated per month.
Limited criteria on appointments generated
Month to Month
Medium Business Package
R 15,000 p/m
Minimum of 30 appointments generated per month.
Full criteria set on appointments generated
Month to Month
Large Business Package
R25,000 p/m
Minimum of 60 appointments generated per month.
Full criteria set on appointments generated
Month to Month


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