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Linkedin Advertising: Advertising specifically for B2B companies

Linkedin advertising is one of the best marketing platforms available for B2B companies. Having said that it is not right for every B2B company. We have run a number of successful and some unsuccessful Linkedin campaigns for a number of companies in a vast number of industries. Below we detail who it’s right for and who it is not the best fit based on successful and failed campaigns.

Linkedin Marketing Overview:

Linkedin advertising is a push marketing type approach (Like Facebook and Twitter ads) which enables the advertiser to reach his/her target audience based on demographic selections rather than on search intent (Like with Google Adwords). This means that you can reach customers who don’t know your product or service exists but it also means that leads from Linkedin are typically not of the same quality as leads generated through search (Google, Bing, etc)

Linkedin Audience Demographic Options:

Linkedin allows you to get extremely granular in your B2B targeting. You can either target through remarketing (like with Adwords and Facebook Ads), where you can retarget users who have been to your website or you can use the specific demographic targeting to zero in on your exact audience. You can target users by company size, job title, gender etc. The whole list of targeting options are shown in the illustration below:

Linkedin Targeting Options

There are three types of Linkedin Advertising Products available: Sponsored content, Text Ads and Sponsored Email. Which one is right for your business dpeends on the type of product that you are selling, the type of person you are trying to reach and you overall offer's goals.

Linkedin Marketing Pros and Cons:

Although Linkedin seems like the perfect fit for all B2B companies it does still have it's pros and cons. Below we list them all

Linkedin Marketing Pros:

  • Able to reach a massive audience even if they aren't looking for the product or service that you sell (which is the biggest problem of search marketing)
  • Much easier to target prospects based on job title compared to Facebook Advertising
  • Linkedin users are more open to relevant ads compared to other social media platforms where users are not there in a business sense
  • Linkedin advertising is far less crowded and therefore far less competitive than Adwords or Facebook
  • Cost per lead is usually in line with other media platforms
  • Easy to obtain a fairly quick measurement of success or failure

Linkedin Marketing Cons:

  • Not the best platform for B2C companies
  • Advertising costs can be high if not an experience Linkedin advertiser
  • Minimum cost per clicks typically far higher than on other platforms
  • Not simple for novices
  • In-demand job titles likes CEO, Owner and MD can be expensive to market to 

Let us manage your Linkedin Advertising:

The nice thing about Linkedin marketing is that you can see results (good or bad) quickly which is why we always suggest starting with only a one month trial. Our costs depend on what product you are trying to market and which market you are trying to reach. We create your content, optimize your bids and show your offer to the ideal audience. Being Linkedin advertising specialists, we specialise in running Linkedin campaigns more effectively and often cheaper (even taking into account our management fee) than one can run themselves.
If you would like to find out if your company is a good fit for Linkedin Advertising please complete your details and we will get back to you within 2 minutes:


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