Office Furniture increases leads by 300% within 6 months

IXAXA Office Furniture triples their numbers of leads and meetings

IXAXA office furniture is an office furniture retailer based in Isando. They are one of the leading office furniture suppliers in the country and boast a state of the art showroom and expert advice. Some of their products include

  • Office Chairs
  • Office Desks
  • Restaurant Furniture
  • Filing and storage options
  • Reception Furniture



Situation before we started:

IXAXA have been around for almost 10 years and have built a good customer base but with the general economy downturn they had noticed a drop in their inbound leads. Office furniture is very much an event-based buying activity and therefore an outbound approach to getting meetings was probably not the best approach. For this reason we concentrated all our efforts on building their inbound leads and appointments. They were currently getting around 150 leads per month. We knew the potential was far more than that.

What we did differently:

IXAXA were using another company to run their Adwords and Facebook campaigns but they just weren’t getting as many leads as they wanted.

Adwords Approach:

When we took over their Adwords campaign we had two main goals:

  1. Increase the number of leads and appointments
  2. Decrease the cost pert lead/appointment.

We set their campaign up to maximize keyword relevancy by creating a massive number of Adgroups (almost one to match every keyphrase). We then started adding our list of negative keywords by using the search term report each day. Just by being pedantic and obsessive about negative keywords we managed to eliminate almost 20% of wasted clicks in the next 3 months.

Facebook Approach:

Because the outbound approach for something like office furniture is a bit tricky we decided to attract the low hanging fruit on Facebook by employing smart remarketing. We were already generating a lot of search traffic to their website and therefore we wanted to capitalize on non-converting traffic in Facebook at a second bite of the apple. This allowed us to attract an extra 30 leads per month.

Conversion Optimization:

When we started we analysed the website using Lucky Orange to see which pages were not resulting in leads. By doing this we discovered 4 “zero-conversion-pages” which visitors would come to but would then never land up resulting in a conversion. This allowed us to neaten up the website and focus users browsing on actually becoming leads.

Sales Enablement:

There is a huge opportunity when one considers how many leads reach out at the beginning of their investigation but are not ready to buy at that stage. We installed a tracking piece of software which would ping on our side when a previous lead had come back to the website. There are no hotter leads than a lead which was once doing their investigation and then came back to confirm a detail. Timing is everything and knowing this info is key in the sales process.

SEO Approach:

There is no question that SEO is a long term game but the sooner you start, the sooner you reap the rewards. We started writing 3 articles every week which were focused around long tail keywords and keywords with buying intent. Every week we see an increase in traffic as more and more of our content is ranked and best of all the content is made to convert and therefore every month we see more and more organic leads which is a powerful asset which just continues to grow.

End Result:

By investing heavily in lead generation and sales enablement we were able to generate 3 times as many leads in just over 6 months. Also the sales team was able to view the complete lead journey at any stage which results in a far better and far more effective sales call each time.

Other sales enablement tools like returning lead notifications also provide a great source of “free hot leads” which allow for a better sales experience from the sales person’s side as well as the customers.

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