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Digital marketing encompasses a broad range of services. There are lots of options and mediums out there and which one is best for your business depends primarily on what product or service you sell. Many companies want to do everything at once but that is seldom the right approach. We prefer to focus on one medium at a time and only branch out when we have achieved success on that specific platform. Going niche can sometimes be a good tactic but mostly sticking with the most popular platforms yield the best results. If you are looking for specialists at Pinterest, SnapChat or Tumblr we are not your guys. If however you are looking to grow your business through Google Ads, Facebook ads or conversion optimization we could be the right fit for you.

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Facebook Marketing is best for businesses looking to reach an audience who may or may not be searching for their products. As an outreach tool and a lead generator (for b2b or b2c) it is one of the best and one of the cheapest platforms especially in a South African context with very few advanced Facebook advertisers competing for space.

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YouTube is still the second biggest search engine in the world and a great option for companies wanting to find customers in a less competitive space (compared with Facebook and Google). One doesn’t need fancy equipment or a big budget to succeed at YouTube marketing

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is possibly the best long term tactic in all of digital marketing however it doesn’t bring results overnight. If you can afford to invest in SEO and are patient to reap the rewards then it might be a good option for your company. SEO s particularly attractive and effective in industries with low content saturation.

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Why pay for traffic that doesn’t convert? Most websites convert at somewhere between 3-6% which means over 90% of web visitors are not converting into leads and paying customers. Conversion Optimization is the cheapest way and quickest way to get quick results if you are already generating a fair amount of traffic.

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