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7 Ways To Prevent Cart Abandonment

7 Ways To Prevent Cart Abandonment Have you ever found yourself adding well over 5-10 items to your online shopping cart, then clicking the big red X at the top of the page? Well, you’re not alone. “Cart abandoners” are considered as lost revenue opportunities, though some marketers disagree. Often times, a customer may just need a little reminder about their items or a quick price comparison to make a confident purchase. Top 5 Reasons[…]

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Factors Influencing Online Purchases

Online Shopping in 2019 – How to Cater for Potential Customers Any e-commerce store owner wants to know what influences online shoppers to buy from one particular store over another. Even more so how to get customers to buy from your store instead of another. We’ve taken a look at five of the most important influencing factors that cause online shoppers to convert. What Influences Online Purchases? Price Points Price is almost always the first[…]