Facebook Lead Ads

How to convert Facebook leads from Lead Ads into sales

How to get Facebook leads from Lead Ads to actually convert For years businesses have relied on Google, either in the form of Adwords or SEO to generate them the bulk of their leads. Search related leads (Google, Bing , Yahoo) still are probably the best place to acquire low hanging fruit when it comes to online sales for most businesses. The problem that a business faces when relying only on Google (or any other search engine)[…]

sniper targeting

Facebook Sniper Targeting

Sniper Targeting on Facebook: How to Target ONE specific person with super targeted ads As salespeople we have all been through some version of the following scenario: We meet a prospect. The meeting goes well. We think it’s just a matter of time before the prospect will close and become a customer but all we get is…crickets! The prospect goes cold, for some reason we can’t even fathom! At this point, we are faced with[…]