Why customers buy from you

Why Customers Buy From You

The Real Reason Customers Buy From You  Customers buy from you because you are the fastest, cheapest and have the best service or some combination of these right? That’s what most companies believe but it’s just not true. Every business believes it is special; That it has a unique selling proposition (USP) which separates it from its competitors.We are even taught in start-up school that having a USP is an absolute prerequisite to launching a new[…]

customer churn

How to beat customer churn

  How to prevent customer churn There are many great business models out there but for me you can’t beat an annuity type business. Finding a customer once and having them pay you every month or year seems like the only business worth being in. I see many small business owners delighted with getting a big deal, just to have to start again next month from zero. Not very fun. Annuity businesses however pose their[…]

Good Sales Reps

Why good sales reps are SO hard to find (and how to find them)

Why good sales reps are SO hard to find When I started my coffee business I went through almost 20 sales reps before almost giving up on the sales rep idea. The more business owners I spoke to, the more I heard the same challenge, “There are just no good sales guys out there”. Thankfully, I learned some lessons along the way and discovered (eventually) how to solve one of the biggest problems most small[…]

price increase

Are you charging too little for your product/service?

How to generate more revenue without finding more customers All business owners perpetually occupy their minds with ways to expand and grow their business. In truth, although there might seem that there are an infinite number of ways to do this, there are essentially only three ways one can increase the revenue of one’s business. One can: Sell more of one’s product (increase sales volumes) Sell more stuff  (increase one’s product basket / diversify) Charge[…]

Unknown Brand

How to sell a product or service when you have no brand

How to break into an industry when no one has heard of you When attempting to start to sell our new services (digital marketing services) I was struck with a harsh reminder, how difficult it can be to sell a product or a service (especially a service) to customers when you have no brand. We have built our coffee company’s brand (Aquaspresso) up quite nicely over the last 8 years to the point where most[…]