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How to Increase Web Traffic with AI and Chatbots

How to Increase Web Traffic with AI and Chatbots Instant messaging and chatbots are probably among the fastest-growing trends, and one of the most powerful tools for marketers today. On the other hand, Facebook is running as one of the most popular channels to engage users, but not all are rainbows when it comes to Messenger marketing, which causes alternatives to prevail. It’s a fact: Instant Messaging and chatbots are set to become the main[…]


The Pro’s of Chatbots Explained

Chatbots for E-Commerce Sites – Pro’s Explained The evolution of AI is now in full swing and chatbots are only a miniscule drop in a huge wave of progress. The number of users on messaging apps like WhatsApp, Slack and Skype is expanding exponentially on a daily basis; Facebook Messenger alone has more than 1.2 billion monthly users! With the spread of messenger platforms and the need for instant answers, virtual chatbots that imitate human[…]