Sales Leads for Businesses

Sales Leads for Businesses - Get Your Customers to Come to You

There are essentially two ways to attract business. Either you hit the phones or use the contacts that you have or you do some form of marketing with the purpose to generate strong qualified leads. Most companies try this process themselves and eventually hand it over to a company who specialises in such a service.

Lead Generation using a Specialist Lead Generating Company Pros:

  • Lead generation company should be an expert in their field and therefore should deliver the best results
  • Can be cheaper than trying oneself
  • Possible to start with a small number of leads and ramp up if successful
  • Very low risk and potentially high reward
  • Very easy to measures one's results
  • Leads can be very quickly generated
  • Lead Generation using a Specialist Lead Generating Company Pros:

    • Less control than doing onesefl
    • Not every industry can get leads which give it a positive return on investment (ex. insurance)
    • Doesn't work well with industries where the target market is relatively small (selling products only to government)

    Our Offering:

    We believe that if you are not getting a positive ROI on your lead generation then either the product is a bad fit or we are doing something wrong. The nice thing about digital marketing and lead generation is that you can see results (good or bad) quickly which is why we always suggest starting with only a one week trial.
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