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How to Increase Web Traffic with AI and Chatbots Instant messaging and chatbots are probably among the fastest-growing trends, and one of the most powerful tools for marketers today. On the other hand, Facebook is running as one of the most popular channels to engage users, but not all are rainbows when it comes to Messenger marketing, which causes alternatives to prevail. It’s a fact: Instant Messaging and chatbots are set to become the main
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Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment
Cart Abandonment – The Top 5 Reasons Why People Abandon Their Carts on Your E-Commerce Site Shopping cart abandonment: when a potential customer starts a checkout process for an online order, but drops off from the process before completing the purchase. Any item that enters the shopping cart but never makes it through the transaction is considered to be “abandoned” by the shopper. A shopping cart abandonment rate is calculated by dividing the total number
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Top 5 Things About LinkedIn Lead Generation You Need To Know If today’s most used social media platforms were a family, LinkedIn would be the attention-starved middle child. While marketers consistently praise more successful networks like Facebook, and audiences flock to cool new platforms like Snapchat, LinkedIn doesn’t seem to get much love. Until now… B2B marketers have tapped into the LinkedIn platform and found absolute success. But, as in any situation, there are a
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Top 5 Social Media Mistakes Companies Should Avoid There are a few common mistakes that marketers and companies make with social media. One of the biggest mistakes is opting to start with social media objectives; marketers take a channel such as Facebook or LinkedIn, and then set goals for raising their numbers of likes, comments, and shares. This approach sounds like it makes sense, but it can trap you in a social media–only perspective. Consider
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Top 5 Problems with Shopify E-Commerce Platform No e-commerce platform is perfect - they each have their pros and cons. When comparing platforms, a common problem is flexibility vs simplicity. The most flexible, customisable platforms are, by necessity, the most complex. And the more complex the platform, the more likely you'll hit both usability difficulties and technical problems. Shopify Concerns No “Related Items” Feature to Help Upsell In the modern age, and in most other
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