SEO terminology
The Beginners Guide to SEO: SEO Terminology SEO, SEM, 301, H1, H2. Slow down, we explain it all! Thanks to MOZ for this helpful information and glossary on all things SEO! SEO Terminology Decoded 301 - permanent server redirect - a change of address for a web page found in the htaccess file on apache servers. Also useful for dealing with canonical issues. Algorithm - a program used by search engines to determine what pages
black hat vs white hat seo
Black Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO SEO is the most basic – yet most intricate forms of organically getting your website – or pages thereof – to rank high in Google’s search results. There are above-board ways to go about getting this done, and some other, less savoury ways of getting it done. We explain the difference between black hat SEO and white hat SEO, and why you should always, always make sure you’re
what is seo
What is SEO – and why is it so important? What is SEO? Search Engine Optimisation. It’s a term you’ve likely heard before – and you’ve either gotten excited about it, or been left wondering what the heck it’s actually all about. Google dominates the search engine market, leaving Yahoo and Bing far behind. Google can be your friend or your foe – it all depends on how well you “treat” it. SEO is a
21st March 2016

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