Shopify SEO Issues Discussed

Shopify SEO Issues Discussed  We all know a well-optimized site is crucial to running any successful e-commerce store, whether on Shopify or another platform, such as Magento or BigCommerce. What does it actually take to land Google’s page one rankings using Shopify? Shopify is a popular platform because of its easy usability, template themes and included hosting, among many other features. With their app store, you can find just about any type of functionality needed[…]

SEO Content Marketing for E-Commerce

SEO Content Marketing for E-Commerce Content marketing is a great, wonderful, powerful way to earn attention and loyalty online. A lot of the rules change when you move from the B2B to the B2C sector (in terms of content marketing, at least), and still more change when you talk about businesses operating online; read – e-commerce stores.  As the standards of SEO, web design and writing continue to evolve, businesses from all industries are continuously[…]

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms – Marketing Successfully and Seamlessly on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms – Marketing Successfully and Seamlessly on LinkedIn  From LinkedIn themselves: “To bridge the gap between the marketer’s need for quality lead data and our members’ ease of access to content, we created LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. Today, you can add a LinkedIn Lead Gen Form to your Sponsored Content campaigns. Soon, you’ll also be able to add it to your Sponsored InMail. These forms have shown to increase both lead volume[…]

LinkedIn Content – Get Ahead With 5 Game-Changing Tips

LinkedIn Content – Get Ahead With 5 Game-Changing Tips LinkedIn is currently the 15th top visited website in the world. In fact, it’s #11 in the US, right behind Netflix. It currently has 100 million people visiting it each month, plus every second two more people sign up. So, if you aren’t using this platform well, you are missing out on a lot of meaningful connections! While LinkedIn is a social network used to meet[…]

LinkedIn Advertising for Doctors – Guidelines for Efficient LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Advertising for Doctors  – Guidelines for Efficient LinkedIn Marketing  Unlike professionals in many other fields, Doctors are much more discrete in terms of their willingness to openly engage on social media platforms. Considering the private nature of their work, it is likely doctors are reluctant to engage in too much detail to maintain the integrity of their patients as well as their practice, and it’s often deemed inappropriate for these professionals to engage with[…]